Our Travel and Transport theme is focused on delivering more efficient, reliable and attractive public transport, reducing congestion and enhancing public safety.

Current projects

  • Talkative Bus System
    • From ‘flag and pole’ to interactive locations, we are rethinking the bus stop, to reflect and enrich the environment and communities in which they are located. Through the use of technology, including location based services and mobile apps, the bus stops will deliver location relevant content. People will have the ability to ‘check-in’ to their bus stop, to let bus operators know they are waiting for their service, leading to a more responsive service and enhanced traveller experience.
  • City Concierge 
    • We are developing wayfinding services based on a city user interface for Manchester, which will integrate transportation and visitor services to allow users to make informed choices regarding the way they travel. Using mapping data down to street furniture level, this wayfinding service will provide a level of accuracy previously unseen and of particular value for those with limited accessibility i.e. the disabled or parents with pushchairs. City Concierge will bring together the user experience across all transport modes, communications channels and media.
  • Road Safety 
    • Through the deployment of IoT based telematics devices aligned to socially and environmentally
      beneficial commercial applications, we are exploring how we can actively improve the overall road safety around the Oxford Road Corridor area. We are working to implement deployments which can improve the road safety of drivers of all ages including young and elderly, as well as cyclists and community transport. Through connected sensors, we also hope to improve the performance and efficiency of emergency services fleets across Manchester.
  • Sensing Trams 
    • Through using real-time data collated via IoT devices on the tram network, we are working to accurately measure occupancy and provide information to citizens and tourists accordingly, as well as ensure the tram network can be a demand responsive operation. Data collected through these sensors will enable the provision of real-time tram information to passengers to enhance their journeys and encourage use of the network.
  • Smart Traffic Monitoring
    • Creating intuitive and efficient traffic services; we are working to simplify Manchester’s city services, to make the region more sustainable and enhance the quality of life for citizens. To further monitor traffic and reduce pollution in the city, cameras will be linked up to the IoT network to gain a better understanding of the type of vehicles that are moving around the city and how congestion points can be addressed.
  • Smart Parking 
    • We are analysing different modes of transport to assess whether the city is successful in moving people from private to public transport and cycles. As part of this use case we will provide parking space tracking by providing Manchester citizens with parking availability based on their driving route. It means drivers will be notified of nearby parking spaces which are close to public transport such as buses and trains, to help reduce congestion by encouraging them to continue their journey on such modes of transport. This application of technology will also provide car park owners with insights on usage and predicting car park availability throughout the day.
    • Additionally, this use case will also look to implement a booking system for specific-use parking spaces, allowing for EV recharging spaces for example to be monitored so citizens can check for availability and book spaces in advance. Through such an implementation we hope to promote the use of sustainable EV cars by making it easier for drivers to incorporate the charging of these vehicles into their day-to-day lives.

These are snapshots of the use cases we’re building around Travel and Transport. Get in touch if you have an idea or want to get involved.