Alongside the deployment of the use cases in travel and transport, energy and environment, and health and social care, CityVerve is focused on enhancing the culture and arts of Manchester to further help citizens engage with the project.

Born in the idea that a truly smart city is not just about the technology, but about the people, CityVerve is committed to improving city liveability and building a healthier, happier population with a strong sense of community.

Current projects

  • Local Communities Platform
    • To ensure end user adoption, we are developing a social platform for visitors and those living, working and studying in the Oxford Road Corridor area. This will be built around the interests and activities on the Corridor, and in particular the Cultural Quarter, which attracts over 1 million visitors a year. This platform will enable local content discovery though integration with the city-wide Wi-Fi network already in place. Through end-user adoption and open engagement of the platform, new services and applications will be developed in response to other use cases.
  • Community Forums
    • To ensure CityVerve remains a ‘people first’ smart city, we are hosting a number of Community Forums. These workshops provide citizens with an introduction to IoT and explore the possibilities for Manchester by imagining what the future might look like in 2-5 years’ time. By focusing on all elements of the CityVerve project, from air quality to accessibility, the Community Forums aim to have a range of different people in the room, from those who have no idea about Smart Cities through to experts. We want to hear all of the community’s thoughts, feelings and opinions about Manchester and technology, to help influence the future of the city. The forums help inform the next steps of CityVerve’s aims to develop technology that is beneficial to residents and visitors.
  • Art and Cultural Installations
    • One of the great challenges with demonstrating the value of IoT is that, for the most part, it’s invisible. Consequently an important part of the CityVerve project involves making these improvements visible, and coming up with ways to visualise the city functions that go on behind the scenes. CityVerve has selected art as a way of achieving this given Manchester’s strong cultural heritage. We aim to blur the lines between art and innovation and celebrate what happens when the two meet.
  • Gamification of Citizen Centric Areas
    • We appreciate that enhancing the quality of life of local communities will require citizens to make behavioural changes. To help achieve this we will be implementing gamification into some of our use cases. This approach is based on the hypothesis that if people can be encouraged to spend money in app-based games then perhaps we can use that same model to bring about positive real-world change. Citizens could receive rewards for say, recovering an eBike that had been left in a remote location, or receiving a free bus ride if they walk half of their journey to work. CityVerve is specifically building a generic mission engine application that will allow us to apply this approach across the three citizen centric areas, to encourage behavioural change of citizens and visitors to Manchester.

These are snapshots of the use cases we’re building around Culture and Public Realm. Get in touch if you have an idea or want to get involved.