The beauty of the technology underpinning CityVerve lies in its ability to bring together all of the different themes and elements that make a “smart city”, rather than viewing them as disparate clusters of technology. In order to achieve this a genuine world-first ‘platform of platforms’ is being built to connect data, systems and people at city scale.

This architecture is designed to be fully flexible and scalable; imagine CityVerve as a brain’s neural pathway: the more connections made, the smarter the city will become.

In practice this platform creates a secure ‘catalogue’ of data that can unite an almost infinite number of applications in response to the city’s evolving requirements. This will enable the intelligent collection, interpretation and use of data, coupled with a flexibility to accommodate the growing and ever-changing needs of a living, breathing city.

Finally, a structured open innovation programme at the heart of the project will enable literally anyone, from entrepreneurs, start-ups and developers to large corporates and service providers to develop on the CityVerve platform. Giving rise to even greater potential for innovation and the delivery of tangible value to those who live, work and play in Manchester.