Introducing CityVerve WiFi: connecting citizens and tourists with communities through WiFi

For many people, access to WiFi when out-and-about is a necessity, but many people are put off from using public access WiFi services due to their often overbearing data collection policies and a poor connectivity and user experience.

We’ve also seen many venues have begun to shun offering WiFi at all because of the lack of benefits it offers them.

Here at CollectivWorks, we’ve aimed to solve these issues by creating the CityVerve WiFi platform. We’re taking a new approach to Public WiFi that puts the visitors and venues at the heart of an engaging and ethical user experience that’s positive for all parties.

When connecting to CityVerve WiFi, visitors are greeted with engaging, swipeable cards that share relevant content and information from the venue and the surrounding community. There’s no immediate data grab for marketing information or demographics when you join us, and end-user privacy has been kept at the forefront of our design process.

We’re opening the platform to all CityVerve partners, and are building in a broadcast feature to allow organisations to spread important messages and announcements across whole areas, in addition to individual public spaces. This could be anything from key events, public health information and public announcements.

Our partners in transport, for instance, could broadcast important service status messages along a specific route, ensuring as many people as possible can be informed of service changes or disruption.

These are just some examples that we hope to use the CityVerve WiFi platform can be used for, but there are many other use cases in other sectors that we hope to achieve.

We’re really excited that the platform is now entering the first phase of its initial rollout to pilot sites and partners, starting with the Manchester Art Gallery. This will give visitors access to a high quality WiFi connection while engaging them with the events and stories of the Gallery and its surrounding community.

Of course, this is just the beginning of our CityVerve journey. We’re looking forward to interfacing with other CityVerve partners and connecting more digital citizens to communities in their local area.

March 12, 2018 in Culture & Public Realm, News

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