CityCast: Episode 7, with artist Naho Matsuda and FutureEverything’s Natalie Kane

For this month’s episode, Rowena Burns was joined by two creative luminaries, Naho Matsuda and Natalie Kane, who are currently tasked with bringing the CityVerve project to life.

Naho is a member of FutureEverthing’s FAULT LINES cohort, and responsible for a new artwork commissioned by CityVerve and titled ‘every thing every time’. Natalie, meanwhile, works at FutureEverything as an editor and curator, and the pair spoke with Rowena about what FutureEverything is doing to blur the boundaries between art and technology.

They also discussed the importance of involving local people in the development of these ideas and solutions, and how we can look at city technology in new, more human-centric ways.

Elsewhere, Tim Streather of SPICA Technologies was in the hot seat for our regular ‘Meet the Partners’ segment, and we heard from Cisco’s Nick Chrissos and Pete Rai down at IoT World Forum too.

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June 15, 2017 in News

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