CityCast: Episode 4, with Louise Armstrong, Forum for the Future & Peckham Coal Line

This month, CityCast took a community project focus as we were joined in the studio by Louise Armstrong of Forum for the Future and the Peckham Coal Line.

With plenty of experience in bringing together disparate communities in pursuit of systems change, Louise had lots of ideas to share on how we can use technology to bring people together to tackle shared challenges.

The Peckham Coal Line is a particularly interesting example of this, as a grassroots initiative that aims to transform a disused railway line in the area into a shared green space for local residents.

The University of Manchester’s Carmel Dickinson also dropped by to answer a few quick-fire questions for this episode’s ‘Meet the Partners’ segment.

Our virtual Room 101 of business jargon received a couple of new additions too, with Louise opting to nominate not just one but two bits of vacuous vocabulary.

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March 08, 2017 in News

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