CityCast: Episode 16 - The Finale, Part. 2

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Picking up right from where we left off in Episode 15, the second half of our two-part finale sees the CityVerve leadership team looking to the future.

Manchester City Council’s Mark Duncan, MSP’s Rowena Burns and Cisco’s Nick Chrissos have all played key roles at the helm of the project, and in this – the very last episode in the CityCast series – they discuss what happens next. Not just in terms of what happens to CityVerve, but where the project has left the smart city sector more broadly.

They discuss how what’s happened here in Manchester will inform the city’s imminent future, as well as how the city authorities and partners involved in the project are already working with cities all over the world – in places as far flung as Australia and China – to pass on their experiences and expertise.

We ask Rowena, Mark and Nick what their must-have ingredients would be if designing a utopian city from scratch – and find out whether the past two years of working on CityVerve have changed how they think about the cities we live in.

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June 29, 2018 in Opinion

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