CityCast: Episode 15 - The Finale, Part. 1

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For our final episodes of CityCast, we want to send the project off in style.

That’s why, over the course of our two-part finale, you’ll be hearing from the people responsible for keeping CityVerve on track and staying at the very forefront of smart city innovations.

Regular listeners will recognise Rowena Burns as a former host of this podcast series, but she’s also been instrumental in steering the CityVerve project as the Chair of Manchester Science Partnerships.

Cisco’s Nick Chrissos has been responsible for technical delivery of the project as a whole, and has plenty to share about the new challenges and experiences the past two years have thrown up.

And from a Manchester City Council perspective, Mark Duncan has been on hand to make sure that the city’s objectives are being met – and learning lots about futuristic IoT technology in the process!

In this episode, the leadership team reflect on what’s been achieved, overcome and celebrated on the project to date. What went well? What didn’t turn out as expected? And, most importantly, what have we learned in the process?

Part two will cover off what happens next for the project, and where our discoveries will take us next…

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June 18, 2018 in Opinion

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