CityCast: Episode 12, with Ling Tan, FAULT LINES; and Open Innovation selection day

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Having battled off the Beast From The East, we’re back for another episode of CityCast.

This month, FAULT LINES artist Ling Tan joined us in the studio to talk about her upcoming SUPERGESTURES performances, the various workshops that she’s run to get the project to this stage, and her own recent brush with the wintry weather.

We also reported from the Open Innovation selection day, held at the Bright Building in Manchester. David Crookes, one of our Citizen Journalists, was there to meet the start-ups pitching their ideas and speak with the judges who’d be deciding on the final cohort.

Anne Dornan, meanwhile, was up against the clock in Meet The Partners – introducing us to the work that MSP leads on in the CityVerve project.

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March 09, 2018 in Culture & Public Realm, News

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