CityCast: Episode 11, with Anne Dornan, MSP; and Rayan Jawad, Growth Studio

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We’re back for the first CityCast episode of 2018, and we’re diving straight in with a big, sometimes perplexing subject: open innovation.

Thankfully, the studio was graced with a couple of people who know about collaboration.

Anne Dornan heads up MSP’s innovation activities, and joined us to talk about the CityVerve Open Innovation challenges.

Rayan Jawad is co-founder at Growth Studio and knows a thing or two about how to scale from an innovative idea to a ground-breaking reality.

Discussion ranged from the benefits of a collaborative approach, to how to actually make one work – as well as whether innovation itself has become something of an empty buzzword.

Elsewhere, we’ve got all the latest smart city news updates from around the world and have put another partner up against the clock for Meet The Partners.

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January 23, 2018 in News

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