We’re building Manchester’s next first

Manchester is undoubtedly a City of Firsts. So many incredible things started life right here.

Now we’re building Manchester’s next first: CityVerve.

CityVerve is all about showing how technology could improve the lives of all Mancunians by helping us gather and share information in new and exciting ways.

This is our story, told through the eyes of the people who call Manchester home.

“We dared to think differently”

Helen is the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, who led the Suffragette movement from Manchester and helped women win the right to vote in Britain for the first time ever.

You can learn all about Emmeline and other iconic figures from Manchester’s history on our CityVerve walking tour.

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“For new thinkers”

Tash has lived in Manchester all her life, and her son Paddy is officially the youngest star in our film.

Through the work we're doing with CityVerve, we're exploring how technology could improve the lives of Mancunians for generations to come. It's all about investing in Manchester's future.

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“And legends of old”

Keith once taught computing skills in Moss Side, but this virtual reality experience was a new one for him!

It goes to show you’re never too old to learn something new. That’s why we’re helping Mancunians learn new digital skills for free through our CityVerve Academy.

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“First to do things that help shape the world”

While making our film we were lucky enough to witness the work of Alex Agboola-Dobson and his team, who have created a new type of prosthetic hand using 3D printing and robotics.

This kind of innovation is just one of the things that makes Manchester special, and through our Open Innovation challenges we hope to make much more of it happen.

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“The first new life through IVF”

Anna and Louise were kind enough to let us film them and their daughter Indiana, who was conceived through the amazing power of IVF – another Manchester first.

Through CityVerve we’ve been exploring how smart technology could help build a healthier and happier Manchester in other ways too.

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“The first passenger railway”

Transport has come a long way since the world’s first passenger railway opened in Greater Manchester.

Through CityVerve we’re using technology to make Manchester a leading city for transport in the 21st century, from talking bus stops to smart parking systems and revolutionary bike share schemes.

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“First across the line”

Seven-time Paralympic gold medalist Jody might not have been born in Manchester, but he’s definitely proud to add to its rich history of sporting achievement today.

As well as helping Mancunians get active through the power of connectivity, we've also been testing new ways to use technology to make our city a cleaner, greener place to be.

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“The first public library”

As well as being home to the first public library, Manchester has a rich history of art and culture and a thriving community.

Through CityVerve we’ve been showing how technology can bring that community closer together and make art and culture more accessible to all.

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